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About Marc Norton Online

In early June, 2005, The San Francisco Examiner printed a Letter to the Editor from James Haas, one of downtown's darlings, supporting the MUNI fare hikes.

In response, I sent the following letter to the Examiner. The Examiner chose not to print my letter.

Dear Editor:

James Haas claims in his June 1 letter that San Franciscans who would pay increased MUNI fares are only a "few... casual" riders, because many people buy a Fast Pass.

Many workers in San Francisco don't have the cash at the beginning of the month to shell out $45 for a Fast Pass, yet ride MUNI to work every day. Many part-time and temporary workers don't buy a Fast Pass, because it isn't worth the cost. The same is true for many retired, young and disabled people who don't use MUNI every day, and for San Franciscans who take other public transit to work, but use MUNI for getting around town.

Are all these San Franciscans mere "casual" MUNI riders who should have their pockets picked by MUNI, so we can pay big shots like Michael Burns $280,000 a year -- to make sure that downtown corporations and landlords get workers delivered to their doors for free?

Marc Norton